domenica 27 febbraio 2011

Steel and Lead

There's a war next to the border
& we don't know.
There's people shouting louder:
Hell No, Don't go!

Everybody's got a question
No one's looking for a remedy
Tragedies happen in succession
Can you stop this tendency?

Kids with guns
Baby snipers in the brush.

Angel are you crying because of me?

If love should keep us together
Steel & lead will tear us apart.


martedì 22 febbraio 2011

Running Out

If no enthusiasm displays
If there ain't proclivity
When passion's running out

She stay alone.

"You don't see me!"
She said.

She cried,
She yelled,
She screamed:

"I'm standing in the front,
So beautiful,
But you don't"


"You don't see me!"
She said.

"You don't!"


sabato 5 febbraio 2011

Like That

Why can't we just leave the past behind?
Why does she keep on coming back?
Why does it happen all the time?
I wonder why it's still like that.