giovedì 1 marzo 2001


Techno Twins
A record that spins
Techno Twins
Lovin' with pills
Techno Twins
A couple that kills

It's a drug ballad
Drivin' me insane
Know where we met
Don't remember their name

Athletic bodies
Androgynous beauty
Deep sensuality
Unknown complicity
I've crossed the border
Left it so far away
They'll keep on pushin' me
Till I do it again.


Techno Twins
Cherrys on hills
Techno Twins
Tastin' our skins
Mixin our skins
Me & Techno Twins

Techno Twins
Doin' some lines
Techno Twins
Erasin' the lines
Techno Twins
Now everything spins

Guess I know why I feel cool
'cause I've had too much
I'm emotions full

Had insanity & pleasure
Now I'm insane & pleased
They took me there
They showed me the way
At hte end of the sin
I saw the purity bay

No stress
Gimme more,
I want less.

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